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 What is Mental Coaching

For managers as for athletes, mental fitness is one of the key dimensions of performance.

The mental part of the game is usually the crucial factor that decides on the outcome of the game : winning or losing.
•       Why is the mental part so challenging?
•       How to stay focused under pressure?
•       What makes great teams successful?

Beside technical and physical capacities, we also have to learn how to ease and control the mind, how to transmit our inner calmness and share our energy. Sustainable performance is all about self confidence, motivation, trust, courage, audacity and team spirit.

The capacity to perform at our highest potential is in direct proportion to the quietness of our minds. When the mind is noisy, anxious and distracted, it interferes negatively with our emotional and physical state.
The role of the mental coach is to support his coachee and/or his team to control and ease the mind so that it pays attention to the essential. As long as the mind is wild and disruptive, it will take impulsive decisions, make wrong analysis and stress the body in uncontroled movements.

Our Mental Coaching School will teach you our techniques for managing individuals and teams, under pressure when stakes are high.