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The mission of the Mental Coaching School (MCS) is to support the development, professionalism, and growth of the discipline of mental coaching in sports, companies, organisations, and  the artistic world.

In fast changing environments, the mental and emotional dimension will gain in importance. Mental coaching will offer techniques helping people in their development and well being.

The Mentally Fit Institute launched  its first mental coaching programme for individuals and teams in 2000. With over  10 years of experience in coaching athletes, teams, and business organisations, the Mentally Fit Institute  operates in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Russia, South Africa, and South America, with references in sports, the corporate world, and the arts.  These are all environments where high performance is required to make the difference.

Our ambition is to create an environment where people are motivated to challenge and stimulate each other so that they  can all grow, develop, perform, and find the right balance and energy to sustain themselves in the  long term.

During all those years of practice and experience with top teams and top athletes, we developed many simple, practical, and original tools and exercises.

Many of our mental coaches also teach at universities and high schools worldwide and have published books about this topic.

Many of our mental coaches also teach at universities and high schools in Europe and have published books about this topic.