Mental Coaching School of the Mentally Fit Institute - Coaching, Training, for manager, team leader, trainer, artist, sport. Master class program

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What is Mental Coaching ?
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Mentally Fit Institute

Registration Fee

Price for the 9 days (excluding VAT and hotel costs – including catering)

Professional sport coaches and individuals

€ 3.090

Business coaches, Managersn and Teamleaders (large companies, SMEs and independent workers*)

€ 4.490*

* SMEs and independent workers can benefit from up to 50% subsidies (see “subsidies”)

The fee includes the course, the documentation, the practical tools, the Mental Coaching School certificate and a license for working with the Mentally Fit Institute models (the latter two- are not granted until the participant passes the final paper/exam).

To introduce your subscription to this session of the Mental Coaching School, Please fill in and send back the registration Form.